LHOP is the community advocate and resource center for affordable housing ideas, insights and solutions. With the mission of increasing the availability of quality fair and affordable housing in Lancaster County, LHOP provides information to the general public, feedback to legislative bodies, and consulting services and technical assistance to non-profit and for-profit developers, as well as municipalities.

Services Offered:

  • High School Scholarships
  • Planning & Zoning Assistance
  • Identifying Funding Sources
  • Identifying Development Incentives
  • Housing Development Finance Technical Assistance
  • Letters of Project Support
  • Review, Analysis and Comment of state, federal and local legislation

In an effort to better serve the County, LHOP collaborates on national, state and local initiatives to sustain and/or create favorable regulatory conditions and dedicated funding sources for the production and preservation of affordable housing on the local level.

Understanding the relationship between policy, funding and production, LHOP also works to implement state-wide and local legislation and ordinances to encourage affordable housing production.

Work on advocacy and community outreach is coordinated by the Executive Director and Community Outreach Committee.

Past and/or Recent Activities:


As a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, LHOP relies on contributions from the community to provide the services and programs for the benefit of Lancaster County residents. As we like to say here at LHOP…”good housing is the foundation of a great community.” Please consider providing a tax deductible contribution to partner with us in building this strong foundation.


Contact Information

Street Address:
123 East King Street
Lancaster, PA 17602

(717) 291-9945
(717) 299-7840 for Fair Housing Center
(717) 291-9850 Fax

LHOP is a proud member of:
The Building Industry Association of Lancaster County
The Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania
The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry
National Fair Housing Alliance