Rental Housing Success

Lancaster County is filled with significant resources.  Whether one needs fresh produce, expertly-crafted products, or a great venue in which to enjoy a relaxing evening, we’re an inimitable community.  And at the heart of this community rests our generous and caring neighbors who collectively make Lancaster County the place we call home.

As one of many partners of the Lancaster County Coalition to End Homelessness, we’re fortunate to regularly witness our neighbors being empowered to succeed in their housing pursuits – often when all hope was lost.  Not surprisingly, at the heart of this success are people like you with tremendous talents, skills, and a true desire to ensure that all of our neighbors have the opportunity to pursue happiness.

Opjroberts (2)ne such neighbor is P.J. Roberts.  P.J. is a small business owner and successful landlord with multiple rental properties throughout Lancaster County.  P.J. has built his success by operating his businesses efficiently, and paying attention to his bottom line.  Yet P.J. recognizes something important.  Bottom lines do not have to end at profit; they can also include ensuring that our neighbors have opportunity for success.  He, along with other landlords and housing providers, are leading the way by ensuring that all of our neighbors have quality, safe housing.

Photo: Nathan Roth, P.J. Roberts, Milzy Carrasco (Iglesia San Juan Bautista)

This growing group of housing providers includes private landlords, churches, multifamily properties, and both for-profit and community benefit organizations (non-profits).  From renting to an individual who’s experiencing homelessness, to donating furniture for a family in need, to considering becoming an investor and renting to individuals in need, each of these organizations is helping our community move closer to the day when we can – and will – say that we have eliminated homelessness in our community.

P.J. decided to make a difference by taking advantage of Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership’s Landlord Risk Reduction Fund – a product that offers coverage of up to 2.5 times rent when a landlord rents to an individual experiencing homelessness.  And because of him, a family in our community successfully maintains an apartment that they have made their own.

Whether you’re considering acquiring rental properties, are a landlord who wants to both make money and help our community, or are convicted to help in another way to ensure quality, fair, and affordable housing opportunities in our community, we truly look forward to beginning a conversation and partnership with you.  We invite you to call our office to learn more at 717-291-9945, ext. 110.

Our new team member Adrian Garciais the director of the Housing Equality & Equity Institute (HEEI) a division of LHOP that works in the areas of rental housing education, fair housing, and ending homelessness.


As a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, LHOP relies on contributions from the community to provide the services and programs for the benefit of Lancaster County residents. As we like to say here at LHOP…”good housing is the foundation of a great community.” Please consider providing a tax deductible contribution to partner with us in building this strong foundation.


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