In this picture we see three individuals trying to see a baseball game on the other side of the fence while standing on boxes.

But what if it’s more than that? What if the baseball game represented housing, the fence represents a barrier to housing, and the boxes are the resources that would help the individual attain access to housing?

On the right we can see what happens when resources are distributed evenly and fairly to all – it still doesn’t work for everyone. Why? It’s because the equal distribution of resources did not address the individuals that have more than one barrier to housing (the Baseball game).

The Housing Equality & Equity Institute at LHOP works with local community organizations and government officials to address and encourage the distribution of resources that address individual barriers faced by residents of Lancaster county. It is evident that some individuals face multiple barriers to housing and may need more resources than others that may not have any barriers to housing.

In short, equality is what we all desire, but equity is how we get there.


Housing Equality & Equity Institute History

 Since its inception in 2010, the Housing Equality & Equity Institute (HEEI) has created tools, resources, and education in the areas of rental housing, fair housing, and ending homelessness.

Initiatives created and managed by the Housing Equality & Equity Institute (HEEI) include the Tenant/Landlord Rights & Responsibilities Manual, the Rental Housing Search Engine (Lancaster’s free place to list and locate rental housing), and an ever-growing list of housing-related education aimed at cultivating partnerships and resources resulting in quality, fair and affordable housing opportunities throughout Lancaster.

As you explore the Housing Equality & Equity Institute (HEEI) online resources below and throughout LHOP’s website, be sure to take note of our upcoming educational opportunities as well as our free downloadable resources.  Basic free trainings are available throughout the year, and the Housing Equality & Equity Institute (HEEI) is also excited to offer low-cost, customizable training options for governments, real estate, and property management firms.  For more information, contact the Housing Equality & Equity Institute (HEEI)Housing Programs Specialist at 717-291-9945, Brittany Mellinger Ext. 109.

The Housing Equality & Equity Institute (HEEI) is the result of a public/private partnership between the County of Lancaster,  Lancaster County Housing and Redevelopment Authorities, and City of Lancaster.  The Housing Equality & Equity Institute (HEEI) is the recipient of Community Development Block Grants.  LHOP wishes to thank the Mayor of Lancaster, J. Richard Gray, and Lancaster County’s Commissioners, Scott Martin, Dennis Stuckey, and Craig Lehman for their partnership and commitment to quality, fair and affordable housing throughout our community.


Opportunities to Get Involved

LHOP couldn’t be successful without our partners – they’re so important that LHOP included them in its name!  The Housing Equality & Equity Institute (HEEI)  has various opportunities for involvement including the following:

Expert Speakers

The Housing Equality & Equity Institute (HEEI) at LHOP is continuously planning future educational opportunities for our community.  If you have a particular expertise that you believe would benefit our target audiences (housing providers, landlords, municipal officials, renters, and nonprofits), please contact the Housing Equality & Equity Institute (HEEI) at 717-291-9945, Ext. 109 or Ext. 110.


The Housing Equality & Equity Institute (HEEI) at LHOP has a limited number of sponsorship opportunities for its upcoming educational offerings and printed materials.  To learn more about ways that your organization might benefit from sponsoring the Housing Equality & Equity Institute (HEEI) initiatives, please contact  Laurie Moir  717-291-9945 Ext. 108.


As a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, LHOP relies on contributions from the community to provide the services and programs for the benefit of Lancaster County residents. As we like to say here at LHOP…”good housing is the foundation of a great community.” Please consider providing a tax deductible contribution to partner with us in building this strong foundation.


Contact Information

Street Address:
123 East King Street
Lancaster, PA 17602

(717) 291-9945
(717) 299-7840 for Fair Housing Center
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LHOP is a proud member of:
The Building Industry Association of Lancaster County
The Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania
The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry
National Fair Housing Alliance