Our mission is to cultivate partnerships and resources to increase the availability of quality, fair and affordable housing.

We believe that all families deserve a quality, affordable home, either to purchase or rent. All communities need to provide residents with a continuum of choices that includes a wide variety of housing sizes, types, locations and prices. LHOP is dedicated to providing a full range of technical and financial services to those seeking to access, create or preserve affordable housing.



Access to financing is a key barrier for individuals, families and those seeking to purchase or create housing that is affordable. LHOP provides lending products to help remove this barrier.



Providing relevant, accurate and up-to-date information on housing matters on which the community can base decisions is a core function of LHOP’s role in the community. As a foundation of a community’s infrastructure, providing such advocacy is key to our economic and social well-being.



While we know that good housing is the foundation of a great community, LHOP recognizes the vital role that broader neighborhood engagement and improvement can make in having safe and economically thriving communities for people of all backgrounds.



From home buying to tenant and landlord rights and responsibilities, having relevant, relatable and reliable information is vital to furthering fair and housing affordability in our region.

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Your sponsorship will support Tabor Community Services and Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership in continuing our important work during COVID-19, when need as grown so significantly. We remain committed to helping clients rebuild their lives and strengthening our communities. To view videos for today click here.

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We want to share some news about resources that Tabor and Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership (LHOP) have put together to help everyone navigate their housing and financial challenges during this time of COVID-19. We know that times are very tough, and we feel for our neighbors. We are rooting for our health care workers, grocery store workers, law enforcement, emergency responders, delivery drivers—people who are on the front lines of this fight. And of course, our team members and our partners at the Homelessness Coalition, who are making sure that individuals who are especially vulnerable—people living in the streets, people living in shelters—are not forgotten and are well supported during this difficult time.

Tabor’s website, LHOP’s website, and social media channels, you will find a series of factsheets that will help you to talk to your landlord, talk to your lender, and to make a plan. We are also putting together a series of videos over the next few weeks that will help walk through those materials.

We will continue to update this document, so as new information and materials are available from our legislators in Washington or other reputable sources, we’ll make sure that information is current and a great resource to you.

Remember that your friends at Tabor and LHOP are here for you. We’re rooting for you, and we will get through this thing together.

Stay safe and be well!

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