Our Vision

A healthy and vibrant community ensuring housing choices for everyone.

Our Mission

To cultivate partnerships and resources to increase the availability of quality, fair and affordable housing

Founded in 1994 in Lancaster County, the Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership (LHOP) is a community benefit 501(c)(3) organization created by county and municipal government, business and civic leaders focused housing affordability for low to moderate income people.  In July of 2015 LHOP became a U.S. Treasury certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) serving Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry & York Counties. 

Our belief at LHOP is, because everyone deserves a place called home.  We believe that all families deserve a quality, affordable home, either to purchase or rent.  All communities need to provide residents with a continuum of choices that includes a wide variety of housing sizes, types, locations and prices. LHOP is dedicated to providing a full range of technical and financial services to those seeking to create or preserve affordable housing.

LHOP achieves this through:


Access to financing is a key barrier for individuals, families and those seeking to purchase or create housing that is affordable.  LHOP provides lending products to help remove this barrier and generate opportunities for the purchase and creation of housing that is affordable for low to moderate income households.


Providing relevant, accurate and up-to-date information on housing matters on which the community can base decisions is a core function of LHOP’s role in the community.  As a foundation of a community’s infrastructure, providing such advocacy is key to our economic and social well-being. The Coalition for Sustainable Housing, managed by LHOP, is a key advocate which serves as a primary action group for both the Coalition to Combat Poverty,  Homeless Coalition and the County’s Comprehensive Plan, Places 2040, implementation.


While we know that good housing is the foundation of a great community, LHOP recognizes the vital role that broader neighborhood engagement and improvement can make in having safe and economically thriving communities for people of all backgrounds.  LHOP leads targeted Neighborhood programs in Lancaster (SoWe) and Columbia Borough.


From home buying to tenant and landlord rights and responsibilities, having relevant, relatable and reliable information is vital to furthering fair and housing affordability in our region.  LHOP works proactively and in consultation with buyers, renters, lenders, landlords and others to provide practical and accurate information and counseling.

Support Our Programs

As a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, LHOP relies on contributions from the community to provide the services and programs for the benefit of our region’s residents.

  • Invest in your neighborhood
  • Support your neighborhood
  • Build our community

Because everyone deserves a place called home is why LHOP’s work is vital in our communities. LHOP is reliant upon each member of our community investing in and supporting our programs and services. Your support can help revitalize a neighborhood, can create available and affordable housing, can educate renters, landlords and first time homeowners and much more. Please make that difference today in our community by providing a tax-deductible contribution. Remember: Good housing is the foundation of a great community.