LHOP in the Community

LHOP is focused on housing affordability for low to moderate income people living and working in in the region and specifically Lancaster and York counties. Our variety of programs target residents, builders, developers, lenders, real estate agents, property managers and owners, and municipal officials, offering tailored support and guidance on a variety of quality housing issues.

Home Ownership Centers

Helping first time homebuyers

LHOP makes the dream of homeownership in Lancaster County and York County more attainable and affordable for first time homebuyers through education and financial assistance, counseling.

Housing Equality & Equity Institute


Since its inception in 2010, the Housing Equality & Equity Institute (HEEI) has created tools, resources, and education in the areas of rental housing, fair housing, and ending homelessness.


Advocacy Work

LHOP is the community advocate and resource center for affordable housing ideas, insights and solutions. With the mission of increasing the availability of quality fair and affordable housing in the communities we serve, LHOP provides information to the general public, feedback to legislative bodies, and consulting services and technical assistance to non-profit and for-profit developers, as well as municipalities.


The Local Housing Investment Fund and Trust (LHIFT) is a revolving loan fund administered by LHOP that is available within the eight county region of south central Pennsylvania (Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry,  and York).

By providing flexible, below market rate loans for affordable housing and mixed-use and/or mixed-income projects, LHOP makes housing for rental and homeownership affordable to low to moderate income families in south central PA.


SoWe is a resident-led community organization supported by Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership and the SoWe Collaborative that works to implement the Southwest Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy. SoWe aims to stem the tide of disinvestment and create a neighborhood that is safe, clean, attractive to economic investment and welcoming to residents and visitors.

How You Can Help

Support Our Programs

As a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, LHOP relies on contributions from the community to provide the services and programs for the benefit of our region’s residents.

  • Invest in your neighborhood
  • Support your neighborhood
  • Build our community

Because everyone deserves a place called home is why LHOP’s work is vital in our communities. LHOP is reliant upon each member of our community investing in and supporting our programs and services. Your support can help revitalize a neighborhood, can create available and affordable housing, can educate renters, landlords and first time homeowners and much more. Please make that difference today in our community by providing a tax-deductible contribution. Remember: Good housing is the foundation of a great community.