Lancaster Barracks

The Lancaster Barracks project is a partnership with the Veterans Court Community Partnership of American Legion Post 34, LHOP and CAPital Workforce, a program of the Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County.  Recognizing that stable housing is an essential element of success for participants in the Veterans Court program, these partners along with the support of many sponsors, revitalized a vacant and dilapidated house In Lancaster City and created a home where graduates of the Veterans Court program can live as they take their next steps towards healing, accountability and independence. 

This got me back on my feet – Alex Marschka

The Lancaster Barracks in owned by LHOP and managed by a professional property manager familiar with the rules of the Veterans Court program.  Residents pay a monthly fee while living in the house and on a rotating basis serve as resident leader. The Barracks project is believed to be the first such facility utilizing this partnership model.

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