LHOP Spotlight Story: Nicole Smith

City of York resident Nicole Smith is also a City employee and is currently a tenant in a rental property in York. Nicole decided that she was ready to make the transition from renter to home owner but soon discovered that buying a home isn’t a single action but a series of small steps that eventually lead you to your goal. She also quickly became confused by the conflicting information she was receiving from others. Nicole decided to enroll in the York Housing Opportunity Center Home Buyer Course to find some solid answers.  

It’s no secret that purchasing a home is a stressful and often confusing process. Add to the mix the fact that you are a first-time home buyer and there is a potential for an emotional roller-coaster.  York Housing Opportunity Center strives to take the mystery and confusion out of this transaction in our Home Buyer Course. Our class helps to prepare participants for the home buying process and the responsibilities of home ownership.

Our Home Buyer Course Will Help You:

  • Determine if you are ready to buy
  • Evaluate your personal credit history
  • Know what to expect at closing
  • Develop a budget and savings plan
  • Plan for life as a home owner
  • Decide how much you can afford to pay   
  • Preparation for financial decisions and obligations that come with buying and owning a home
  • Know what to expect from real estate agents, lenders and other professionals involved in the home buying process
  • Meet lenders’ training requirements to qualify for special mortgage products

Nicole completed the eight-hour class and was counseled by York Housing Opportunity Center Home Ownership Specialist Kim Frock. She felt better prepared for her home buying journey, armed with clear goals and a path forward.

“Owning a home of my own will serve as the perfect way to really put down roots in a community that I live and work in and now plan for a future here.”
    – Nicole Smith

Because Everyone Deserves A Place Called Home!

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