LHOP Spotlight Story: Sarah and Michael Glass

Sarah and Michael Glass had a dream of a home of their own for their family and began pursuing a search in earnest in early summer of 2018 when they reached out to Mitch Gready, a Realtor and Lead Buyer Specialist with the Jeremy Ganse Team at Re/Max SmartHub. After completing a Buyer Strategy Review so he could understand what was important (and not important) to Sarah & Michael, Mitch put a home search strategy in place and began identifying prospective properties.  Once Sarah and Michael selected the home they wanted to purchase, they got to work negotiating the lowest and fairest price, scheduling inspections and helping guide the transaction to closing. 

“Having our own home means everything to our family. It is a blessing.”

  • Sarah Glass, LHOP First-time Homebuyer

From his very first meeting with Sarah and Michael, it became clear to the realtor that this couple was well-prepared for the process of buying a home. They knew what to expect and asked great questions typical of more seasoned homebuyers.  After learning more about their journey to homeownership, he learned that the Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership Homebuyer Course had equipped them with the tools they needed to embrace the process and make smarter decisions. 

“We took the LHOP course about a year and a half ago. The LHOP Home Buyers Course prepared us by teaching us everything we needed to know step-by-step. They taught us things like shopping around for lenders, just things we didn’t know to do. It was great that LHOP brought in other professionals that taught us how each step of the way was going to go.” 

  • Sarah Glass, LHOP First-time Homebuyer

In addition to completing the LHOP Homebuyer Class, the couple qualified for LHOP Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance. Borrowers wishing to be considered for a loan must complete the Homebuyer Course prior to closing and are encouraged to complete the Homebuyer Class prior to signing a Sales Agreement.

“The LHOP Down Payment Assistance Program was amazing. It helped us to put a down payment on a house and it made it easier to get into our new home.”

  • Sarah Glass, LHOP First-time Homebuyer   

The Glass family have now realized their dream of owning a home of their own and reflect often on the value of education and preparation for that process. Their realtor Mitch Gready is looking forward to working with more LHOP Homebuyer Course graduates.

“If I met someone that was dreaming of purchasing their own home and needed any sort of assistance or guidance I would tell them to call Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership.”

  • Sarah Glass, LHOP First-time Homebuyer   

Because Everyone Deserves A Place Called Home!

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