LHIFT – Sound Financial Investment with Positive Social Impact

Loan capital for LHIFT comes in various forms such as contributions, investment loans and grants from financial institutions, businesses, religious and social organizations, foundations, individuals and endowment funds. Investing in LHIFT is a sound financial investment with positive social impacts for our community. As a revolving loan fund, such investments provide financial returns to the investor and the community by providing a continuous flow of capital. 

As a IRS approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, contributions to LHOP for LHIFT are federally tax deductible and for financial institutions are Community Reinvestment Act credit eligible. Investment loans into LHIFT offer a financial return based on a minimum term and interest rate. 

Interested in investing in your community through LHIFT?

Please contact Shelby Nauman at snauman@lhop.org  717-291-9945.

LHIFT Investors 

LHOP thanks our first investors into LHIFT, our “heavy LHIFTers” to date include: