Learn more about LHIFT Projects in the community.

Paxton Place

The 37-unit senior living project, Paxton Place is a shovel ready development and was conditionally awarded tax credits in April 2018 from PFHA as truly “ready to proceed”development. 

543 E. Chestnut Street

The Chestnut Housing Corporation (CHC),an integrated auxiliary of the East Chestnut Street Mennonite Church in Lancaster City, felt called to take action to help end homelessness and stabilize housing in their neighborhood. With that calling and $75,000, in 2010 they purchased their first property on E. Chestnut St. and rented it to a family experiencing homelessness.

SE & SW Neighborhoods

SACA discussed with LHOP a revolving line of credit of $150,000 from LHIFT to acquire dilapidated properties not only in southeast but to also expand into distressed southwest Lancaster.  

343 S. Prince Street

Wendell Huyard was introduced to LHOP during the process of working with the Chestnut Housing Corporation on a loan for the purchase of a two-unit building that was rehabbed by Wendell and his brother, Nathan (dba Huyard Properties). The workmanship of the rehab was exceptional. One conversation led to another and it was discovered that Wendell had a passion for helping people and the idea of collaborating on a project took off.