Partnering with Community Organizations

Project Vitals

SE & SW Neighborhoods
City of Lancaster

Blight Reduction Acquisition, Rehab and Resale

Spanish American Civic Association
Impact Missions

Total Project Cost:
$300,000 SACA
$250,000 Impact Missions

Battling Blight

Flexibility, agility, access to capital and partnerships are all important when you are a neighborhood based non-profit fighting blight in urban neighborhoods. Too often, non-profits compete with “investors” in blighted areas who are more interested in cash flow than an equitable return on investment which includes families and neighborhoods.

This is where a CDFI like LHOP can be most effective by providing a “LHIFT” to such organizations. The Spanish American Civic Association (SACA) has used LHIFT in the past for flexible, low cost capital to preserve homeownership in southeast Lancaster. However, in the current tight and inflating housing market, in addition to flexibility, SACA needs to nimble as well, being able to respond and acquire properties quickly.

SACA discussed with LHOP a revolving line of credit of $150,000 from LHIFT to acquire dilapidated properties not only in southeast but to also expand into distressed southwest Lancaster. With a 40-year track record of improving and stabilizing neighborhoods and good reputation for rehabbing homes, LHOP’s lending staff and Loan Committee crafted a monitored line of credit that met SACA’s needs as well as our underwriting guidelines.

With this resource, SACA, will act as general contractor, to acquire, rehab and resell up to four (4) homes per year. Their work will continue to improve and stabilize these neighborhoods while at the same time provide opportunities for low to moderate income families to purchase quality affordable housing.



What other organizations and communities in South Central PA can use this tool to fight blight and lift up families and neighborhoods?