Combining Development-Supported Agriculture & Affordable Homes

Project Vitals

Reichert Road
Susquehanna Township
Dauphin County

Development of Affordable Single Family Lease to Ownership Housing

Monarch Development

Loan Amount / Total Project Cost:
$250,000 / $13,872,000

Sunflower Fields is an innovative approach to combining the Development-Supported Agriculture movement with 35 affordable workforce homes in an amenity-rich, high opportunity community. The development consists of the new construction of 3 one-bedroom, 3 two-bedroom, 25 three-bedroom, and 4 four-bedroom single family detached homes, a community building, outdoor play area and a one-acre community garden on a 18.9 acre site in Susquehanna Township, Dauphin County. Four of the homes will be affordable at 20% AMI, will be fully accessible and all homes will be “visitable”.

Awarded Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LHITCs) in 2015, Sunflower Fields is unique in that it will offer improved access to a healthier lifestyle to an income-restricted population through its community garden, with support and guidance by a Community Garden Service Coordinator and other entities. Neighborhood residents will have first pick of the raised garden plots and the remainder will be made available to neighbor and community members outside the development to integrate the community.

Sunflower Fields is the first LIHTC development in Susquehanna Township, a community that has a median income 43% higher than Dauphin County. The neighborhood has been designed for future homeownership conversion. Each of the homes will have its own garage, washer, dryer and dishwasher. They will be highly energy efficient, achieving 55 HERS rating and Enterprise Green Communities criteria. LHOP provided gap-closing financing of $250,000 through LHIFT.