Our class helps to prepare participants for the home buying process and the responsibilities of homeownership.  Approximately 9,000 prospective homebuyers have completed the course.

The Course certificate issued for those completing the class and meeting the standards can be used in conjunction with a variety of local mortgage loan programs and FHA, PHFA, VA, USDA program offerings.

For PHFA “Take Charge of Your Money” visit https://www.phfa.org/prfc/

Our Homebuyer Class Will Help You:

  • Determine if you are ready to buy
  • Evaluate your personal credit history
  • Know what to expect at closing
  • Develop a budget and savings plan
  • Plan for life as a home owner
  • Decide how much you can afford to pay
  • Preparation for financial decisions and obligations that come with buying and owning a home
  • Know what to expect from real estate agents, lenders and other professionals involved in the home buying process
  • Meet lenders’ training requirements to qualify for special mortgage products

There is a non-refundable $25.00 tuition fee for the course. Veterans fee will be waived. If registering online use coupon code VET and provide your DD214 .

Steps to Registration

There are two way to register and pay:

1. In person by visiting our offices located at

  • 308 East King Street, Lancaster, PA 17602


  • By check or money order payable to LHOP
  • Cash is accepted in exacts amount only

2. On-line by visiting the Events section of the website.

PayPal, Credit Card, & Debit Card option available on-line

Important Details

  • Registration $25.00 fee is required for ALL class participants.
  • If you are in the closing process and a class is closed please contact LHOP
  • Individuals rescheduling more than twice will be assessed re-registration fee.
  • All registrations are NON-REFUNDABLE
  • Classes that are not already sold out will close for new registrations 5 days in advance of the scheduled date at 8am.
  • **Veterans: DD214 (separation) document or a copy of valid military identification required to waive fee