Our free counseling services are for those seeking one-on-one assistance to meet goals related to:   

  • Credit & Budget Counseling / Rental Counseling
  • Pre-Purchase Housing Counseling
  • Pre-Closing Counseling for PHFA Loans
  • Post-Purchase Coaching
  • Default and Delinquency

The following documents will need to be completed and Counseling Checklist items will need to be collected. After all documents have been gathered and submitted to our office, a counselor will call you to schedule your session. 

Counseling Checklist

Counseling Authorization Form

Counseling Intake

Class Self Assessment Tool

Income and Expense Sheet

Submit documents and completed forms:

  • In person: Visit our office located at 116 N George Street, York PA 17404 
  • Via Email: yhap@lhop.org
  • Via Fax: 717-814-5987 (please include a cover sheet listing documents and number of pages to be received)

We are available Monday-Friday 8:30 – 5:00 pm

Together, with your input, we will develop a Savings Plan and\or create an Action Plan which you will be able to take with you at the end of your session.