The Community Rental Equity Fund (CREF), is a security deposit waiver program that seeks to establish effective partnerships with tenants, landlords, and service providers.  CREF reduces barriers to accessing affordable housing, while protecting the landlord’s investment up to 2.5 times the monthly rent; the ultimate win-win scenario. 

The goals of the program are:

  • Reducing barriers to affordable housing  
  • Protecting landlord Investment 
  • Enabling tenants to achieve household stability and accomplish goals, including further education and eventual homebuying. 

This program depends highly on the collaborative effort between the service provider, landlord, tenant and LHOP staff.   This program is by referral only.  All referring partners are asked to commit to supporting the participating household for a full year of enrollment in the CREF program.  If would like to refer a participant to this program, please contact Jeremy Hayes at or 717-291-9945 ext. 8

For more information about CREF, contact Jeremy Hayes, 717-291-9945 ext. 8