Equity to Reach Equality

In this picture we see three individuals trying to pick an apple from the tree while standing on boxes. But what if it’s more than that? What if the apple represented housing, the individual’s height represents a barrier to housing, and the boxes are the resources that would help the individual attain access to housing? On the left we can see what happens when resources are distributed evenly and fairly to all – it still doesn’t work for everyone. Why? It’s because the equal distribution of resources did not address each individual’s barrier to housing (the apple). The Housing Equality & Equity Institute at LHOP works with local community organizations and government officials to address and encourage the distribution of resources that respond to individual barriers faced by residents of Lancaster county. It is evident that some individuals face multiple barriers to housing and may need more resources than others that may not have any barriers to housing. In short, equality is what we all desire, but equity is how we get there.

Empowering Tenants

Do you know what rights you have as a tenant? At LHOP’s Housing Equality & Equity Institute we produced the Know Your Rights Landlord & Tenant Guide to help you become familiar with what some of those rights are. We also provide technical assistance to tenants that believe they were treated unfairly while in the process of renting or buying a home.

Enabling Service Providers

The Housing Equality & Equity Institute administers programs like Section 811 Project Rental Assistance, and the Community Rental Equity Fund. Partnering with local social service organizations, can help individuals with barriers gain access to fair, affordable rental units.

Supporting Landlords

We understand that being a landlord can be difficult, especially if you are not familiar with all the regulations. The Housing Equality & Equity Institute at LHOP is here to assist by providing information and helpful resources that can help you navigate the landlord tenant relationship successfully.