The Community Rental Equity Fund works to help people looking for rental housing that don’t have the money for a security deposit.  We do not provide a security deposit. 

Instead, we ask the landlord to waive the security deposit in exchange for the CREF program promising to pay up to 2.5 times the amount of monthly rent if there is an eviction or if there are damages to the property beyond normal wear and tear. We work to avoid eviction and damages by communicating regularly about issues and having the renter work with a service provider or case worker to address other areas of instability in their life.

If you are interested in this program, talk to your service provider about filling out an application with you.  If you don’t have a service provider, reach out to Community Action Partnership’s Navigation Program:

If you have questions about the CREF program, contact the Housing Programs Specialist at or 717.291.9945 ext. 109.