Starting in Summer 2019, LHOP is excited to be able to offer the Rental Advantage Course (RAC).  RAC is a renter education course that utilizes the Prepared Renter Education Program (PREP) curriculum, developed by the PHousing Finance Agency (PFHA) and the Self Determination in Housing Project of PA (SDHP), to increase the renter’s knowledge of the landlord-tenant relationship. This class will provide an interactive, in-depth look at what is needed to be a successful renter and will empower participants with the skills to navigate the application process. 

LHOP is uniquely positioned to offer tenant education, based on our successful track record offering the First-time homebuyer course for over 20 years and our experience providing guidance and education to tenants regarding fair housing and landlord-tenant issues.  Students attending this 8hour certificate course can expect education on the following:  

  • Renting Fundamentals 
  • Preparing to Rent 
  • Budgeting 
  • Understanding Your Personal History
  • Locating Housing
  • Understanding a Lease
  • Fair Housing Rights
  • Starting out Right
  • Being a Good Neighbor
  • Working with Your Landlord
  • Dealing with Money Problems & Eviction